My friend Christina has been suffering from substance abuse
since she was 16 years old. She is 24 now. She has also had some trauma in her
life and she is in need of emotional healing, so she can finally move forward.
Words cannot fix this problem, lord knows that i have tried. She has pushed me
away emotionally along with her other friends and family. I want her to stop
suffering, to break free and to be free and to be at peace with herself and to
no longer want to use any kind of drugs or Alcohol. I want her to rise above the
ashes. She is young, she has her whole life a head of her. It’s not too late for
her to start making better choices. She can’t do this alone, she needs her
friends and family, but she puts up this wall up! I care about Christina as a
person and what I feel for her comes straight from my heart! I know that deep
down her heart has the will to fight, it just needs to manifest. I don’t want
her to fall victim and succumb to substance abuse. Christina is in need of a
miracle, a complete turn around in her life. I’m hoping and praying that you can
help, this is very urgent!!! I’ve never reached out like this before but I love
her and I know that God has a plan for her and a long life ahead full of
happiness!!! I hope to be there with her when she finds it!!! She is a wonderful
person with a good disposition and on a spiritual level she is a wonderful
person. She has that spark of light, she’s the barrier of that light. I beg of
you to please pray and heal her wounds as they are very deep. Thank you, God
bless, Wendell

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  1. Wendall we are praying. I believe in miracles. God can totally heal her in an instant. Most of the time he doesn’t because along with the emotional healing he is molding our character to be more like his and that takes time. Friends should just be friends, just be around her talking to her without judgement or never even any talk about stopping using. Talk about what interests her. Let her talk about her pain and emotional trauma if she wants but maybe not even offering suggestions about what she should do. Information has little impact on the emotions. Only her being able to hear Jesus speaking to her will she be able to begin to heal. I have a prayer ministry at the Franklin Bldg near East Gate Center suite 512 if you want to make an apt to see me and pray together. “Jesus thank you for your healing for our sister. Amen.”

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