When we lose a loved one such as grandparents, aunts & uncles, even parents the grief and pain is bad but expected. We never totally get over it. But when we outlive one of our own children it is really bad. The pain is intense. Unbearable – only God’s comforter the Holy Ghost can comfort us enough to get through each day. It’s not supposed to be this way you know. God created us to live forever. Sin brought death into the world and to all of us. But somewhere in the back of our minds & spirit we have a sense that they are somehow still with us. God will allow some seemingly little but significant thing to happen and we think of that loved one who’s gone on. Their spirit lives on forever with Jesus. And we experience what Jesus said that he would never leave us nor forsake us. Somehow we experience Jesus being with us everyday. Since our loved ones are with Jesus, I believe he allows us to also have an experience that they are somehow here telling us not to worry they are fine and better than ever because they are with Jesus. He tells us to rejoice because that where he is we will be also one day. The great reunion day. Please note there is a new attachment with videos of the life of Jeff. His parents Bruce and Patsy have put together an excellent tribute to his life.

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D.Min 2018 Doctor of Ministry in Clinical Mental Health Counseling NCC National Board Certified Counselor Married to Charlotte 1971 Son Christopher M.D. Immanuels Servant

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