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In the sermon on the Mount Jesus is not teaching just another set of rules or laws. He is wanting us to catch the vision of the Kingdom, walking in the Spirit by utilizing the FRUIT of the Spirit. Matthew 5:39 “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil” KEY = resist is a VERB or action word. When someone slaps you. Actively resist the urge to slap them. WHY? I don’t want to look like a pansy or coward. Truth is it takes more courage and spirituality to resist that urge than it does to slap back.
However there is much more to it. What is this feeling, emotion or urge to strike back. Resentment: It is a NOUN, a condition of being. Paul calls it the flesh. The “flesh” refers to the implicit memory system area of our body which is in our brain. It is similar to our knee jerk reaction to touching a hot stove. It hurts and we’re going to do something about it; NOW! Paul writes about it as if it were a real thing (NOUN = person, place or thing). He refers to it a Evil or “(Sin) present in me.”
Now as a saved, born again, live – living spirit it is hard to understand that a part of us is so affected by evil or sin. However the Bible teaches us anything physical or our body (including our physical brain) will not be redeemed until the resurrection. Romans 8:23. Your eye color didn’t change when you got saved. Did it? You still know the cuss words you heard your drunk neighbor using when you were a kid.
Another way of applying that word (resist) may be to use the word RESENT. RESENT not evil. The word resent is a verb but I believe it can be used as a noun in this situation. It is the emotional condition of being (thing). The resenting of someone slapping you, that intense feeling, that urge to slap back, precedes the action or you doing something. Slapping them back. Or actively stopping yourself from doing so.
As Holiness people I believe we have overemphasized the RULES of “it’s a sin to hit back.” And we have underemphasized the state of being mature in our spirituality of exercising the fruit of the spirit.
By being patient, kind, gentle and loving toward the offender immediately after they have slapped you takes a spiritually mature person who is experiencing things in the kingdom by walking in and living in the spirit every moment of everyday.

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