In the movie the wizard of OZ, Dorothy wanted to return to Kansas and family. OZ was a nice enough place, without the occasional interference from wicked witches and evil flying monkeys, or whatever those things were.  Still, Dorothy wanted to go home, return to her home.

You ever notice when things seemed to be going very nicely in OZ, suddenly something happened to ruin it.  There was always something bad happening.  Kind of like real life here in Kansas, or wherever you live.

Luke 22;32 tells us, “But I have prayed for you. I have prayed that your faith will be strong and that you will not give up. When you return, you must help to make your brothers strong.” NLV

Jesus is our Joy, our source of Joy.  But things interfere and pull us off into chasing “pie in the sky” whatever.  But when we RETURN to Jesus we are RETURNING TO JOY.

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D.Min 2018 Doctor of Ministry in Clinical Mental Health Counseling NCC National Board Certified Counselor Married to Charlotte 1971 Son Christopher M.D. Immanuels Servant

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